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Project Scope

Maxx Chewning, owner of Sour Strips, was actually Taylor's second client when he started freelancing (before he co-founded Exobyte with Dominic). So he knew who to turn to when he needed to do a complete overhaul of the Sour Strips website. With the growing success of the brand Maxx wanted to create a site that really made an impact and help his brand stand out in the candy space.

We leveraged Sour Strips unique brand identity and quickly got to work designing a brand new site in Figma. We worked closely with Maxx to ensure every detail of the site was perfect and matched his vision. Once the designs were finalized we got to work on implementation. Sour Strips is a Shopify store so we had to implement a custom Shopify theme, as that's how we do things at Exobyte. With the recent launch of Online Store 2.0 we decided to leverage the Shopify Dawn theme as a baseline and built the design we created on top of it.

Post-launch of their new site we were also asked to implement a "Build a Bag" feature where customers can choose from the variety of flavors Sour Strips offers to create a custom bundle of products. Staying true to the Sour Strips theme we integrated a ton of colors and patterns to make it feel fun to build out your own bag. You'll even see the bags of candy fill up your bundle so you know exactly what you're getting!


The biggest challenge for this project was staying true to Maxx's vision and making the site as fun and immersive as possible. There were several revision cycles where the primary feedback was "it needs more pizazz". So every design iteration was a step in the right direction to really capturing that essence.

Another challenge for this project was getting familiar with Shopify's new Online Store 2.0 ecosystem. With the latest feature sets Shopify offered with Online Store 2.0 it really allowed us to think differently with how we build Shopify themes and create a more enjoyable experience for the brand owner to modify and maintain their site.

Successful Outcome

"My business needed a complete website overhaul and Exobyte went truly above and beyond. They kept me a part of the project the entire way and never hesitated to make any adjustments I needed to make it perfect". When we asked Maxx for a testimonial this was what he had to say. We definitely delivered on the task at hand and created an epic site experience that was sure to make Sour Strips stand out in the candy space.

With the introduction of the "Build a Bag" experience we also introduced a new revenue stream for the brand. There was a massive spike in orders when this feature launched. This feature not only generated more revenue but also gave customers the ability to try more flavors at once with the "pick and choose" ability getting them addicted to the brand that much faster.

We also saw improved metrics in some of the most important areas for a brand such as: improved conversion rates, improved average order volume and decreased customer drop-off rate.

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