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Project Scope

Skille is a passion project that both Taylor and Dominic (Exobyte Owners) Co-Founded. As agency owners, we were trying to conceptualize a better way for freelancers, or anyone with a skill for hire could better network and find work. The main concept was centered around what we coined the "Skille Card". Which essentially is a virtual business card that identifies who you are, what you offer and how others can get in contact with you.

Users could connect with each through unique QR codes that once scanned would open their Skille Card. From there, users could add them to their Skille Wallet. Which is a contact list for all your saved Skille Cards. That way you'd be able to easily reference anyone you may have connected with.

Users could also generate invoices through the platform and send them to collect payment for their services. Allowing users to have a centralized platform to find work, or connect with professionals, and accept payment.

The app was wireframed using Figma entirely by Dominic. Each screen was laid out to have a clear direction of user stories and interactions.

Development was led single-handedly by Taylor. Who architected and implemented the entire solution using React Native, GraphQL, MongoDB and AWS as the primary tech stack.

We integrated Twilio & SendGrid for user notifications such as push & email.

We integrated Stripe & Plaid for accepting invoice payments.

Lastly, we wanted users to be able to view Skille Cards even if they didn't have the app installed. So we built a Next.js app that would allow for users to view Skille Cards directly on the web.


The challenge for this project was that it was a passion project and didn't have any direction from a client or outside source. We had to think through more than just how to design and implement an app. We had to think through the business-side of the platform as well. So figuring out a proper payment model, growth strategy, user acquisition and retention and so on. It was no easy feat and we found ourselves running in circles trying to make sense of it all.

Successful Outcome

The overall outcome of this project was that both, Dominic and Taylor, learned a ton through this entire project. While Skille only lived for a short-while, as we decided to return our primary focus to the growth and success of Exobyte, there were many lessons learned in the process. We learned important aspects of how to grow a successful app and these lessons will bring added value to the clients we work with.

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