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Project Scope

A long-term goal for GHOST had always been to introduce a mobile app as a means to have an additional sales channel and offer a dedicated app for customers to stay up to date with the brand. The core requirements of the app were to allow customers to shop for the same products they could find on the website in addition to having products that were exclusive to the app. Meaning they couldn't be purchased on the website. In addition to having a news feed of upcoming launches and significant events relevant to the brand. This also came with implementing push notifications to make sure you never miss a product launch.

Implementing the mobile app came after we built their custom loyalty app so another component of this project was integrating the loyalty app we built to offer a seamless experience.

There was also a need to ensure that all the relevant bundle and promo functionality we built for the website was also functional on the mobile app.


The biggest challenge of this project was implementing an app that could support multiple Shopify stores. GHOST has websites dedicated to their US, UK and AU customers which means all of these regions are segmented into their own Shopify store. So to prevent having 3 different apps available for customers to download the app was built to support customers shopping in any of the 3 regions.

Another challenge was making sure the bundle and promo functionality was available in the app. When this project started Shopify's Storefront API (which is an API developers can use to support additional sales channels on a given Shopify store) did not have support for Shopify Scripts. Which is critical as that's how these features worked. So initially we had to start thinking of how we could still offer these features on the app. Which was a massive headache. Fortunately though, before this project was completed, Shopify announced Shopify Script support for the Storefront API. Our problems were solved and we could reuse the same functionality we had already built!

Successful Outcome

The ultimate outcome of this project was that we introduced a new sales channel for the brand which in turn generated more revenue and brand value for them. Much like the loyalty app, this also gave the brand a competitive advantage because many of their competing brands did not have a mobile app.

A noteworthy outcome was that for the first week of the app being available it was in the Top 10 (#4) under Fitness on the Apple App Store.

We also provided a way for customers to stay engaged with the brand through push notifications and ensure customers were reminded of product launches so 1. they don't miss out and 2. give them incentive to come back and shop with the brand.

Skills and Tools

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