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Project Scope

As mentioned in any other project brief pertaining to the GHOST brand, they're always determined to do things "The GHOST Way" as opposed to making their ideas fit into the scope of a third-party platform. From the brand's early days until shortly after our team became a part of the brand they used a third-party platform. However they had nothing but issues and it was creating a poor experience for both their customers and their internal team.

So we began a discussion of what it would look like to implement a custom loyalty platform for the brand. The brand had a minimal set of requirements in the beginning such as: the ability to earn points on purchase, the ability to redeem points for purchase, earn different loyalty tiers (each with different types of perks), get rewarded for referring new customers to the brand and earn points through unique codes provided in each tub of product. While this may seem like a basic set of requirements each one came with a hefty amount of work to implement.

In order to support all of this we needed to implement several different applications and services such as: an admin portal for internal use, a customer facing dashboard and supporting API's and event consumers. Lastly we had to implement a set of scripts to migrate all of their customer loyalty data from the existing third-party application into ours.

Once we launched the new platform with the core functionality mentioned above we added new features like badges and reporting. The badge functionality was a set of rules that could be combined to create a set of unique customer actions that needed to occur in order for them to earn a particular badge. Customers would be able to see all the badges they earned in their dashboard and see their collection grow. We also implemented robust reporting and analytics so the brand could have better insight into how their loyalty program was performing.

Did we mention this application was implemented by one developer? Taylor, one of our Co-Founders, architected and implemented the entire solution from start to finish.


The largest challenge of this project was the fact that it was implemented by one developer. Which meant it took quite some time to implement. This was not an issue for the brand as they wanted to make sure it was done right. However there were a lot of new areas of development that had to be figured out to accomplish that. Most of the applications that we had built prior to this were smaller scale and were used by a much smaller number of users. We now had to build an application to support hundreds of thousands of customers. So scalability was a massive factor for this project.

Another challenge for this project was the redeemable codes found in each tub of product produced by the brand. So not only did we have to handle the scale of customers, we had to handle the scale of production. Plus there are a lot more tubs of products than there are customers so we had to make sure the right database indexes were in place to ensure super fast lookup of a customer entering a code to redeem.

Lastly, a main challenge of this project was migrating all the data from the third-party application to ours. This company didn't have a very robust API so we had to request a CSV dump of all the customer data and had to implement a script to parse and migrate everything over.

Successful Outcome

The outcomes of this project were substantial. We implemented a custom, enterprise-level, loyalty platform for the brand and that gave them a massive competitive edge of their competitors who either 1. did not have a loyalty program at all or 2. were still using a third-party platform with basic offerings.

Starting with the internal team, we gave them an extremely robust and user-friendly interface to manage all their customers and products. The customer support team had a much easier time responding to customer support cases. Which meant improved throughput. Likewise, the marketing team found it a lot easier to configure rewards and offerings through the platform.

Lastly, although not much visually changed for the customer experience. As we essentially just redesigned the customer dashboard on the website. Customers had a much more seamless and enjoyable experience as there were less bugs and the response time from the platform was fast. Which ultimately led to a substantial drop in customer support cases regarding loyalty accounts.

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