GHOST® Energy Website

Project Scope

The scope of this project was pretty simple: implement a landing page to help promote the launch of GHOST Energy. The flow of the page was as follows: full-screen hero video, section outlining each of the flavors, where the products could be purchased and a social feed for the GHOST Energy IG page.

Another requirement of this site was that for the first seven days post-launch the brand wanted to give the 400 customers the ability to purchase one of the four available flavors. So 100 units were available per flavor. However it was important that customers could only purchase 1 can during the entire week span. They wanted to ensure as many unique customers as possible could snag a can as opposed to a few customers repeatedly purchasing everything.


The main challenge of this project was ensuring that customers could not purchase multiple products. Shopify does not natively offer anything to limit the quantities a single customer can purchase so we had to implement a feature to track purchase history to limit purchase frequency.

Another challenge of this project was that we wanted to integrate a video that would play in the background in the hero section and using YouTube was not ideal because the embed player would have not allowed for the proper aesthetic. So we implemented a simple CDN through AWS to host the video.

Successful Outcome

The outcome of this project was that the brand had a standalone website they could use to promote the launch of their energy drink line. In addition, they were able to create FOMO and hype around the launch by being able to offer limited quantities for purchase each day.

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