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Project Scope

One of the first projects we did with Exsurgo was their gStrength Portal. This was a niche application designed to be a part of an ecosystem created by a third-party outside of Exsurgo. With the popularity of this platform the brand saw the potential to create their own platform unique to them.

With that in mind, we worked with Exsurgo to implement their Exsurgo Performance System (EPS). To provide additional context, Exsurgo Technologies is a brand that sells a suite of hardware products that are designed to assess athletic capabilities across a variety of different tests.

What we did was implement a mobile platform that could connect to this suite of hardware products, named the gStrength, gFlight and gSprint, via bluetooth and capture the data that these devices output as an athlete is using them. The captured data could then be applied to a number of different assessments that would ultimately provide some level of context or detail into the athletes performance. Users of this platform, mainly coaches of professional athlete teams, could set up individual athletes and teams of athletes to easily keep track of everyone and review all their assessments.

A core component of this platform was the ability to plot data in realtime. One of the Exsurgo devices produced data every 12.5ms so the application had to keep up with consuming all of that data and plotting it onto a graph while an assessment was being performed.

In addition to implementing the core set of functionality to support capturing and organizing data we also had to implement User Access Control (UAC). The application has 3 different tiers available and each comes with their own benefits. One of them is free and the other two are paid so we had to implement a subscription model for them. Given the company’s website is built on Shopify we decided to leverage Shopify’s Subscription API to process customer payments according to the subscription they chose.

After launching the platform, one noteworthy feature that we added later was the ability for offline data access. Something that was a growing concern for users was that a lot of them would be out in a field somewhere and not have internet access. Which led to them not being able to utilize the platform. So since the applications database was built on MongoDB we decided to use Realm Sync.


The biggest challenge of this project was plotting data in realtime. Unfortunately it wasn’t possible at a rate of 12.5ms because the application would quickly consume all available memory and freeze. Given this is a mobile app there’s definitely more limitation as to how much memory is available. So we had to throttle the plot rate to about 1 second which still provided an optimal user experience.

Another challenge of this project was working with Shopify’s Subscription API. We had worked with Stripe before and they have a super easy to implement and digest API. However Shopify’s implementation was much more tricky. Part of the issue was the API is really designed for physical products and we're adopting it to a digital product. Nonetheless, we figured it out and implemented a simple solution that would charge users who signed up for the paid tiers.

Successful Outcome

The outcome of this project was that we built a platform for Exsurgo that they could call their own. Given this platform wasn't for a hyper-niche it was able to gain much more traction and popularity. Alongside their physical products this platform also added an immense amount to the brand's overall value.

We're still actively maintaining and adding new features to the platform to this very day.

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