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Project Scope

This was the first, of many, app projects we did for Exsurgo. The scope of this project was that the company had partnered with a doctor of sports science who specialized in the climbing niche. He had developed a set of formulas that could be used in tandem with Exsurgo’s gStrength device. So we built an application that would allow users to capture data from the device and apply it to the variety of formulas that were available.

Unlike the EPS Mobile App, this application did not connect via bluetooth. We built a small application using Electron that would connect to a device via serial port and stream the data to the web application using Socket.io. This way they could still achieve plotting data in realtime. Much like the EPS Mobile App, users could create athletes, and teams of athletes, and run the various assessments against them. Users could also review any historical data captured and export it to a CSV or PDF (the PDF’s included all calculated data in table format in addition to the graphics visible in the platform).


The biggest challenge of this project was using Electron for the first time. Ultimately the platform was pretty easy to work with, the real challenge was making sure we distributed it properly so users could use it on Mac and Windows.

Another challenge of this project was implementing the data export functionality as we had to work with a PDF generator API to ensure all the calculated data and graphs could be exported in a presentable format.

Successful Outcome

The overall outcome of this project was that we delivered a solution that helped bring more recognition to the brand as being more than just a product company. That they had tech to complement the hardware they sold. This also helped to keep customers within the Exsurgo ecosystem as they aren’t having to look elsewhere for tech to use with their products.

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