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Project Scope

We did a complete overhaul of the Final Boss Performance/ANABAR website. Prior to us working with them they were using a basic out-of-the-box theme provided by Shopify. The site was designed and built on top of a theme we maintained that is compatible with Online Store 2.0.

We worked with the brand to improve their asset library and created a set of 3D renders to represent the different protein bar flavors they offered. In addition, because we wanted to give this brand the ability to create extremely unique and customizable product pages we created a set of reusable theme sections, that were highly customizable, that could be used across their entire product line. So thanks to the help of Shopify's Online Store 2.0 every product page was able to be unique.


The main challenge of this project was that we had hardly any brand assets to work with and ANABAR is a very vibrant and colorful brand. So we had to be very creative with designing a site that met their creative vision. Needless to say, from not only our perception but the brand owners, we delivered on the task!

Successful Outcome

With the introduction of JSON templates through Online Store 2.0 we created dynamic sections that the client could use for custom product templates for each of their products. Allowing them to have on-brand colors, patterns and graphics for each flavor of their product lines. On top of delivering a site with an advanced set of customizations we also delivered a set of custom product renders for each of their protein bar flavors.

From one of the brand owners himself, "Ever since launching our new website our daily order volume has increased by 150% & the average cart size has also increased by around 200%. In this industry a first impression is everything & with our new site we're confident that we nail it every single time. I can't stress enough how much of a positive impact this fresh coat of paint has had on our business. I really can't recommend these guys enough! 5 Stars all around from me!"

Skills and Tools

Web Design
Graphic Design
Tailwind CSS
3D Rendering
Shopify Theme

Project Assets

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