10 Straightforward Productivity Tips (and How Technology Can Help)

Productivity means "doing more with less." At Exobyte, our productivity tips will help you achieve exactly that. Plus, we'll show you how some of our favorite technology can help you achieve greater productivity.

Productivity Tip #1: Automate your scheduling.

If you spend any amount of time trying to coordinate schedules or pay an assistant to do so, it's time for you to automate your calendar.

The latest scheduling software allows you to block out busy times, integrate with your email calendar, send appointment reminders, and more. Simply share a scheduler link anywhere you like and let others pick a time that works best.

Recommended Scheduler Apps

Productivity Tip #2: Track your work performance.

Working better doesn't always mean working more. Often, finding the right work "groove" means understanding your productivity and improving your concentration.

Many productivity apps focused on work performance track your most efficient times of the day. And others help you focus for set periods and force you to take small breaks strategically.

Recommended Productivity Apps

Productivity Tip #3: Track your website performance.

Your website should be working for you rather than an adornment to your brand. By tracking user behavior on your website, you can improve the user experience.

Web analytics also introduces you to search engine optimization and content marketing basics. If your customers enjoy informative content, you can deliver more value on your website and attract more visitors.

Recommended Web Analytics Apps

Productivity Tip #4: Incorporate project management principles.

If you manage team members and a plethora of tasks, getting lost in the details is easy. Incorporating some project management techniques, such as setting milestones and creating lists, you can increase your attention to detail and ability to multi-task.

Thankfully, there is a growing selection of task management software that doesn't require you to obtain a project management certification to manage projects like a pro.

Recommended Task Management Apps

Productivity Tip #5: Implement cloud platforms and storage.

The advent of cloud computing allows team members to collaborate on projects more efficiently. These cloud tools also save extra wear and tear on your devices.

You can log in anytime anywhere and access important documents, files, and presentations. Additionally, you can share these documents with clients, contractors, or employees for instant access. There's no need to compress and email files - just invite collaborators or share a link.

Recommended X Apps

Productivity Tip #6: Go paperless.

Speaking of the cloud, it makes little sense for 21st Century businesses to maintain massive amounts of paper files. Online storage is secure, saves paper/printing costs, and opens up office space.

Recommended Cloud Storage Apps

Productivity Tip #7: Use video conferencing software.

As businesses everywhere adjust to the current global pandemic, many are seriously considering maintaining remote teams. Video conferencing software not only allows anyone to connect from anywhere, but it can also save commutes and facilitate more opportunities for remote employment.

Recommended Video Conferencing Apps

Productivity Tip #8: Connect with team members via instant messaging.

There are many times when you are in the middle of a project or client meeting, and you need a quick answer from a teammate. Instant messaging allows you to send a short message and get a quick reply.

And as a bonus, most instant messaging software is 100% free, unless you want all the "bells and whistles."

Recommended Instant Messenger Apps

Productivity Tip #9: Use e-signature software.

If your organization requires clients and contractors to sign important documentation, you're probably wasting time by chasing signatures, scanning documents, etc.

E-signature software drafts all important documents, marks initial/signature spots, and allows for easy sharing among relevant parties. So long as you consult your attorney on drafting agreements, these e-signed docs are legally binding.

Recommended eSignature Apps

Productivity Tip #10: Partner with experts.

If you're not already familiar with more advanced digital tools that can save your organization time and money, you should partner with an expert. Attempting these tasks yourself could result in massive delays and overspending in the long run.

This advice is especially relevant for tasks related to web development, search engine optimization, content marketing, and customizing more robust productivity apps.

In Conclusion

Here at Exobyte, we are passionate about "working smarter, not harder." It's not just a motto we live by ourselves, but we also strongly encourage our clients to do more with less.

When our clients are successful, so are we. We hope you enjoyed our productivity tips and app recommendations. Contact us today if we can further assist you in your web or app development needs.