Exobyte is a full-service design and development agency that helps companies implement fast, reliable and scalable solutions.

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Innovation that exceeds expectations

In today's evolving digital world you can't afford to be stuck behind the curve with an outdated, or even non-existent, digital solution. You want a solution that puts your company at the top of your industry. At Exobyte we work closely with our clients to ensure that all of your business needs are met, you are provided a quality solution and have an intelligent team behind you to help bring your digital solutions to life.

Our Team

Taylor Bagwell

CEO, Founder & Full-Stack Developer

taylor.bagwell93@gmail.comTaylor Bagwell

Jordan Rand

Full-Stack Developer

Jordan Rand

Dominic Giacona

UI/UX Product Designer

dominicgiacona@gmail.comDominic Giacona

Our Services

Mobile/Web App Development

Do you have an idea for the next big app? Even if it's a small one our company can handle everything from designing and implementing user interfaces to developing scalable back-end architectures. Utilizing best practices we always ensure your app is built to scale, user-friendly and most importantly secure.

For mobile apps, we're big advocates of utilizing React Native to help streamline the app development process and create a central codebase for multiple device types. We understand sometimes this isn't suitable though and can still develop an app using native Objective-C or Swift for iOS and JAVA for Android. For web apps, we love React!

There's more to just building pretty interfaces when it comes to apps though. You need a fast and reliable back-end to keep up with all of the user interactions and demands your app may experience. We typically utilize Express for APIs. For Databases we love to use MongoDB as NoSQL databases provide a lot of benefits over traditional relational databases. However we can still work with relational databases like Oracle and SQL Server. To top it all off your app has to live somewhere right? That's exactly where AWS comes in. We utilize AWS to deploy your app in a secure and reliable environment.

Recent Projects

We worked with Exsurgo Technologies to build the gStrength Portal app. It's a desktop application built with Electron and React that allows users to connect to a suite of devices manufactured by Exsurgo Technologies and stream data in real-time to the application. Users have the ability to compute different types of formula's that measure varying athletic capabilties and the computed data is shown through charts and data tables.

Brands we have worked with:

  • Chase Chewning


"If you are looking for a turnkey solution, to take an idea from concept to full realization, providing above standard clear and effective communication as well as high-level project management then look no further. Exobyte is our solution, the solution."

Greg Lutton

CEO, Exsurgo Technologies

"Exobyte carefully and creatively gave life to my ideas one line of code after another, I cannot recommend them enough for creating a seamless, user-friendly website for anyone else seeking the same unique and custom experience."

Chase Chewning

Ever Forward Enterprises

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